In 2012 we've prepared three installations for Lodz Design Festival: a shadow tapestry Polish gestures, an interactive installation Sometimes right, and a shadow fence Polska gola!




Polish gestures is a tapestry based on shadow casting panels, made of 100% virgin wool.

It has been manufactured by Braun Collection

(dimensions: 5m x 3m, resolution: 81px x 48px) 



Polish gestures: an overview.
Polish gestures: a close-up view.
Polish gestures: illuminated from bottom left side.
Polish gestures: illuminated from bottom right side.
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Sometimes right is an object based on shadow casting panels, made of water-cut forex with hand-assembled elements (dimensions: 252cm x 54cm, resolution: 130px x 25px). Under directed illumination Sometimes right displays words, which... sometimes are right, depending on direction of light and position of the object. 



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Polska gola! is an example of a "shadow fence". On a sunny day a shadow fence casts dynamic shadows on the ground in front of it, depending on the time of the day.  It is made of laser-cut metal sheet with manually bent elements, and displays via shadow the "Coca-Cola" logo in the morning, and a popular Polish soccer-cheering phrase "Polska gola!" in the afternoon. It has been manufactured by Zieta.

(dimensions: 280cm x 120cm, resolution: 86px x 50px).



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