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Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Basel, Institute for integrative Gestaltung, Masterstudio, 25-27 April 2017


The aim of the workshop is to let the students experience (conceptually and practically)

how D&S address their objectives through their design process.



The immediate surroundings offer a wide range of phenomena that challenge our perception and invite to exploration.  Many of great inventions were inspired by the nature, which leads to the question how many more surprises are waiting to be uncovered.  

Furthermore,  processes or structures that seem complex at the first sight can often be explained by simple rules, and the true goal is to formulate these rules.  Once the underlying principles have been stated and understood, one can build upon them, and eventually through this process one can not only recreate the original phenomenon, but also go a step or more beyond it.


internal discussions about the observations and ideas, abstracting out the idea to pursue, experiments, manual prototypes in small scale & low complexity, D&S do team hopping to discuss the ideas and provide feedback, final presentation of the ideas and the prototypes

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