*relativity is a series of works based on shadow casting panels, exploring the relativity of perception and meaning.

technique: laser-cut foam, hand-assembled
size: 80 x 80 px = 6'400 elements,   130cm x 130cm

technique: SLS plates
size: 260 x 280 px = 72'800 elements,   104cm x 112cm

pop(e) culture
technique: SLS plates
size: 208 x 224 px = 46' elements,   104cm x 112cm

point of view
technique: SLS plates
size: 186 x 116 px = 21'576 elements,   167cm x 104cm

technique: SLS plates
size: 52 x 28 px = 1'456 elements,   104cm x 56cm

The realization of this project has been made possible by support from the Institute for Rapid Product Development of FHS St. Gallen and ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

We would like to thank also our families and friends, for their help and encouragement.