In 2011 in cooperation with Swiss Science Center Technorama we've prepared three installations based on shadow casting panels and shadow clouds. These installations are best enjoyed live in Technorama, but the images and videos on this site can give you an impression of what awaits you there.


We'd like to thank the following companies for their cooperation and for the generous support of the project.




technique: shadow casting panel produced via SLS 3d-printsize: 350 x 290 px, 16 tiles, 140cm x 116cm



"conversation" illuminated from upper right side

"conversation" illuminated from upper right side




technique: shadow cloud produced via SLS 3d-printsize: 3 images, each 74 x 74 px, ball of diameter 36.7cm



"time" in position 1.

"time" in position 2.

"time" in position 3.




technique: shadow casting panel made of water-jet cut Forex, manually assembledsize: 70 x 126 px, 4962 individual pixel-plates, disc diameter: 180 cm, total height: 455 cm



"tik-tak" in position 1.

"tik-tak" in position 2.

"tik-tak" in position 3.

An early "tik-tak" prototype.